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"LOVE IT! This is by far the best sink I have purchased. (I have purchased many.) I bought this for my personal vacation home (log cabin)."

— Nancy F., Zuezi customer

"Extraordinary, excellent & gorgeous product and packaging which exceeded my expectations- thank you to this seller! I saw this, my dream sink, in a magazine 10 years ago."

— Christina M., Zuezi customer

"Beautiful sink and excellent quality. The drain board is unique for a farm house sink (at least for what I have seen). It was just installed in a total home renovation and all of my subcontractors and everyone who walks in the home loves the sink."

— Angie B., Zuezi customer

“Perfect depth. I can fit my baby's entire bath in here, wash sautee pans with long handles and deep/tall pots. I've had no problems keeping it sparkling white, just make sure to rinse down your red wine. A little soft scrub with bleach takes out anything colored.”

— Bob K., Zuezi customer

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